• Nightrider32

    Best of Shortcuts

    January 3, 2017 by Nightrider32

    Here is something for our little Clashers:

    A lot of Shortcuts and Nicknames in the world of Clash


    ad Air Defense
    at Archer Tower
    wt Wizard Tower
    bk Barbarian King
    aq Archer Queen
    th Townhall
    cw Clan War
    cc Clan castle
    as Air sweeper
    SAM Seeking Air Mine
    de Dark Elixir
    cr Clash Royale
    wiz Wizard
    drags Dragons
    bbd Babydragon
    fc Friendly Challenges

    This is pretty small. Make it bigger and more komplex !! In the comments I would like to see your favorite Shortcuts and Nicknames. Clash on !!

    With best Wishes


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