New Blog from Abyss:

I started off having to use like 15 different types of troops just to 3 star people. They were:

Total amount allowed i could hold was 200

Giants or hogs: 4 (troops camps cost 20)

Baloons: 5 (troops camps cost 25)

Wizards: 6 (troops camps cost 24)

Barbarians: 14 (troops camps cost 14)

Wall Breakers: 2 (troops camps cost 4)

Archers: 20 (troops camps cost 20)

Healers: 2 (troops camps cost 28)

Dragons: 2 (troops camps cost 20)

Pekka's: 1 (troops camps cost 25)

Used way too much time to send em all out in right order fast enough. >_<

New team is:

Total hold is 220

18 hog riders (troops camps cost 90)

4 Dragons (troops camps cost 80)

2 Pekka's (troops camps cost 50)

3 Star 80%

2 Star 45%

1 Star 25%

0 Star 5%

Anyone have any idea's or thoughts look me up here and give an input, i'll try it out.

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