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    (this post is only for clanmates that need help, if you are not in our clan or you are a professional you dont need to read this also some of these ideas i already know by experience so if someone else posted about some of the ideas earlier i will credit them still even though i didnt steal anything)

    NOTE:i know this is a long post but if you only need help with a few things, you can look at the table of contents and jump straight to the topic you like.

    -=Table of Contents=-



    3.Attack Strategies

    4Defensive Strategies/Base layouts


    6.Building up your base

    7. Dos and donts


    As you all can see we are losing the clan wars for some reasons which are not attacking, have bad war bases, or bad attack strategy.

    its un…

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    May 31, 2017 by OfficialB3pis

    Investments can do a lot of good in the real world. So how about bringing it in the clash of clans world having almost no idea how.

    Anyways the investments idea (created by me ;) ) is for helping you and your clan. How does this investment thing work you might ask? Well to put it in short there will be a new building called "the depository" where you can deposit every resource (except dark elixir and gems, only gold and elixir) for the aid of you and your clan and in a short time youll get back your resources with a bit more for your support. The building will have 6 Levels, each level increased will add more deposit capacity and more return bonus. Although every level will have an increased return time.When tapping on the building an optio…

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