Investments can do a lot of good in the real world. So how about bringing it in the clash of clans world having almost no idea how.

Anyways the investments idea (created by me ;) ) is for helping you and your clan. How does this investment thing work you might ask? Well to put it in short there will be a new building called "the depository" where you can deposit every resource (except dark elixir and gems, only gold and elixir) for the aid of you and your clan and in a short time youll get back your resources with a bit more for your support. The building will have 6 Levels, each level increased will add more deposit capacity and more return bonus. Although every level will have an increased return time.When tapping on the building an option called deposit will come up, once clicked there will be a screen where you can donate an amount of resources (ex. 1000000 elixir/gold). Once donated the resources will be divided by the amount of clanmates minus one and each will get a slice of that resource then they'll get to use those resources for their building and training etc.. Once you've done your good you'll have a return time (ex. 1 day). Once that time is done you'll get back your resources with a bit of extra depending on lvl.

Ok now that you got that essay worth of explaining now I have to show the stats of the upgrades and all.

Depository lvl 1: min deposit-250k, max deposit-1 million, return time-1 day, return bonus-25%.

Depository lvl 2: min deposit-500k, max deposit-2 million, return time-1.25 days, return bonus-30%

Depository lvl 3 min deposit-500k, max deposit-3 million, return time-1.5 days, return bonus-35%

Depository lvl 4 min deposit-500k, max deposit-4 million, return time-2 days, return bonus-40%

Depository lvl 5 min deposit 500k, max deposit-5 million, return time-2.5 days, return bonus-45%

Depository lvl 6 min deposit 500k, max deposit-6 million, return time-3 days, return bonus-50%

the building will be available at th 5

Anyways that's my suggestion, if you have a suggestion for this suggestion then comment. Thx and bye