​Clash Blog #2: Helping the Clanmates (FOR CLAN ONLY)

(this post is only for clanmates that need help, if you are not in our clan or you are a professional you dont need to read this also some of these ideas i already know by experience so if someone else posted about some of the ideas earlier i will credit them still even though i didnt steal anything)

NOTE:i know this is a long post but if you only need help with a few things, you can look at the table of contents and jump straight to the topic you like.

-=Table of Contents=-



3.Attack Strategies

4Defensive Strategies/Base layouts


6.Building up your base

7. Dos and donts


As you all can see we are losing the clan wars for some reasons which are not attacking, have bad war bases, or bad attack strategy.

its understandable since some of you are unexperienced or just started clash. so here is my guide for you guys to be better at clash.


tip 1. Save ALL your gems, the only good thing to spend the gems on are builder huts so start getting achievements and remove obstacles

tip 2.max out all other buildings before upgrading town hall

tip 3. every player you will encounter in multiplayer battles will be the same or higher town hall level than you

tip 4. make sure to do the story mode

tip 5. start the builder base and get a gem mine with the clock tower to get 10 gems a day which is about 1680 in a year

tip 6. in multiplayer battles if the storages are empty but the collectors and mines are full, aim for the collectors and mines since they have the most loot

-=Attack Strategies=-

These Strategys may varie depending on town hall level and experience.


Through town halls level 1-5 its best if you use an army with just archers and barbarians, as they are cheap and are effective on those bases. throw a mix of wizards if you like, they are awesome at battles and are my favorite troops.

Attack strategy is mainly simple. check the corners for builder huts and destroy them with 1 archer each hut. then lure out the enemy clan castle troops away from the base to kill them off with a few archers. after that plan where youre going to deploy your troops. deploy archers on outside buildings so barbarians dont end up going outside the base. make sure to get your army to get in the center of the base, kind of like you drilling into a rock through the middle and out the other side.if a mortar is near to an edge or corner take them out with barbarians or lightning spell if you got town hall level 5. then deploy archers behind barbarians so barbarians act as a meat shield. make sure to save about 10 archers just in case


For town hall 6 you unlock the healing spell which is a HUGE advantage to this army and attack strategy although is a bit costy from 50k-60k elixir. so the army is 15 giants, 8 wizards, rest archers, and 2 healing spells. they are costly but can sure get three stars on most bases.

Attack strategy is of course checking the corners and luring out the castle troops, and plan on deploying your troops. select giants first and deploy all where there are most defenses. make sure after the mortar shoots at giants immediately deploy wall breakers. after that deploy archers behind and wizards, and save some just in case. now all you have to do is equip healing spells and wait for the right time. if giants are in low health just drop one on them, after that they will keep running until they hit low on health again. after that drop the second one on them and theyll get through all defenses. now just sit back and watch the rest.


-=Defensive Strategies/ layouts=-

for the defensive strategys in this part is mainly simple for most of the professionals, but it is effective for you guys. although it depends if youre a trophy pusher, farmer (player that wants and protects resources), or a bit of both. there are also layouts of bases for these types of players which consists of trophy bases, resource bases (used to be called farming bases), too bad that resource bases are extinct because supercell made a town hall update where they killed resource bases or farming bases so basically there are only two types of bases, and Hybrid bases which you may guess what it is by the word "hybrid" which means combination of two.

before we get to that i want to tell you the basics of defensive strategys or where to put defensive buildings. so here is the list

1. Put splash damage buildings in center or near center of base

2. Since wall breakers do splash damage its not best to put a double wall or another layer of wall next to one.

3. Defensive buildings must not be together but seperated.

4.Unimportant buildings must remain outside.

5. Collectors and storages should be seperated.

6. do not leave gaps or big openings since youre giving the enemy the upper hand, unless if youre making a troll base which you should not.

7. notice that troops can also be placed outside the map aka the dark part so dont think your base is safe if you just put all your buildings in an edge with one layer of wall in the other side.

Now that you got all that covered here is the base types for you guys to choose a specific type of base that you want. 

-Hybrid Base-

Hybrid bases protect both resources and trophies, these are the most popular bases. in order to make these you can read the following or go to youtube and search "clash of clans town hall (th level) hybrid base" and copy a hybrid base from the video. YOU KNOW WHAT, i think you guys are just gona copy so i dont need to put what you need to build it but instead ima just put links and whatever.




war...war never changes... BUT IT WILL IN A SECOND CUS IMA SHOW YOU HOW TO WIN WARS. THIS IS EPIC HOW TO, win clan wars.

The first step for you helping your clan win clan wars or simply win a clan war is know your enemy. basically know what youre up against, if youre up against some rushed low experienced clan then youre in good luck since attacking is least to worry about. although if youre up against a super tough professional maxed out clan then you might need to just use all your attacks and hope for the best.

the next step to winning the clan war is to use the best army you got aka max dragons to the classic barbs and archers. MAKE SURE TO HAVE CLAN CASTLE TROOPS AT ALL FRIGGIN TIMES, with clan castle troops you will have a better chance of winning attacks with 2 or 3 stars. to get the best from clan castle troops make sure to ask from the top players in the clan like my chief vela account since those will give you high level troops. 

third step is to lure out troops in attacks. its a true fact that you will never know whats in the enemy castle so use one archer near a clan castle, if its something big then you need to lure it out and kill it with some troops. if its something tiny like 5 barbarians then you dont need to worry about that, but still lure them out and kill them.

fourth step is to get the best war base layout. what other important thing there is other than winning stars? well the answer is to prevent your enemy from winning stars. go to the clan war in preparation day and click the button in the corner to layout your new war base. keep in mind that none of your loot will be stolen in war battles so its best to put storages outside the base, and of course the classic builder huts in corners.make sure to protect the town hall at all times, to achieve this put the townhall in the center of the base surrounded with walls and defenses. make sure all the defenses cover all the buildings in the base, buildings too seperate equals the chance of a one star with ease. use traps very wisely, what you can do with traps is put them where you think troops will fall or you can do something to lure troops into traps like wall funneling. an example is a cannon surrounded with walls although on one side the middle wall is taken out and replaced with a spring trap, that way giants will enter it to try to destroy the defense but to a suprise they will get springed out. be careful just in case they have a lot of troops, its best to do funneling when the giant bomb is unlocked. the last part for this part of a part is to make sure you have clan castle troops. you never know if fortex forgets to fill in the defense castles so you need to let us know.

-=Building up your base=-

Welcome to the second to the last part of this blog which is building up the base. this great info will prevent people from getting three stars on your base. and of course every multiplayer battle you encounter will be the same town hall level as you, so if youre rushed another dude with the same town hall level but maxed out will beat you with ease. its the difference between life and death in clash of clans, which is true for in game players. its a fact that players that are rushed but dont know it until town hall 6-8 have a ton of work to do in their base and sometimes feel as if theyre never going to get it done and they failed at clash of clans. youch, but dont worry about them you need to worry about you. here is the steps on building up your base.

Step 1: the first step is mainly simple, upgrade all your other buildings to the max before upgrading town hall. mainly because you will have less work to do in the next town hall level, and have a better chance at winning defense battles.

Step 2: Build and upgrade resource buildings first. make sure to build and upgrade your mines, collectors, storages, drills etc. why? because you need an income of resource the better the income from collectors and mines, the more loot you will have in your base. the loot from the mines and collectors will be used to upgrade other buildings like defensives and army as well. basically step 2 is like a supporting part to upgrading more buildings.

Step 3: Upgrade your army. Upgrading barracks, spell factorys, laboratory, and the most important thing,troops, will help you build your base a lot. "How?" you may ask. well the better the army equals the more loot you will get from battles! then use common sense, the more loot you will get will be used to upgrading your base. to put this in perspective, lets just say better army=defeating highly defended bases that have a ton of loot. therefore we get more loot to upgrade more things.

Step 4: i know i already state this in the begining but save your gems! its really important to get the 5th builder, as you get to upgrade more buildings at once which can help you get things done faster. "well b3pis how do you get more gems?" you may ask. well the first thing you must do is SAVE IT and do not spend it on anything, not even boosts or speed ups. the next part is to remove obstacles aka trees, bushes, shrubs, rocks etc. since once removed you have chance of gaining from 1 gem to 6 gems from each obstacle. also if you remove obstacles you get a new obstacle called "gem box", which removed gives you 25 GEMS but it comes once in a while. also ACHIEVEMENTS, achievments may look as if they dont give a lot. but complete some achievments and youll get more that give much more. some achievments give from 10 gems to 2000 GEMS! HOLY COW!

-=Dos and Donts=-

well lads this is the last part dos and donts. basically this is a list of what you should do and not do.


1. Maxing your base

2. get builders

3. upgrade defenses

4. using spells

5. going higher in leagues

6. finish story mode

7. gain 1250 trophies as soon as possible


1.Rushing town hall (upgrading town hall all the time without upgrading anything else)

2.Not building air defenses

3.spending gems on boosts

4.use multiple accounts in one device.

5. dont spam troops in battles

Anyways thats the end of this, if this helped you comment down below. if you have any suggestions ill glady add them here.

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