• Pancho284


    July 26, 2013 by Pancho284

    When you raid with tier 3 troops and they don't die in battle, you SHOULD be able to treat them when they come back in the village; That's why I want to introduce a new building: the hospital. Tier 3 troops cost a lot of elixir and you should be able to heal them depending of the level they are and how many damaged they got during battle. For example: a level 1 dragon costs 25 000 elixir. Let's say that one of your dragon lost 20% of its life in battle, well it would cost 20% of a dragon's price to treat it, so 5 000 elixir. I know it willl probably be a lot of work to introduce, but it would be sooooooo useful!!! I also suggest that we could get this building at town hall 7, because dragons are unlocked at town hall 7 and nobody really us…

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