I have created a clan called Fort Tangus. We are an Invite-Only clan.

History: There was once a clan called Arangus Tangus. It was a good clan. The community was good and close. People attacked during wars and would donate. But then, the leader of Arangus Tangus, "joe", left for unknown reasons. He bestowed leadership upon his co-leader, "firstasskick". The co-leader was not ready to be the leader of the clan, as people weren't using attacks, and were taking way more than donating. Joe, came back saying "I made a clan called p00n warriors!, I would like you in it, firstasskick." Wether or not he did join I have no clue. But alot did. Instead of joining that public clan (and having it repeat again), I took one of the clan's co-leaders, Slots, and went to host a clan in honor of "Arangus Tangus", "Fort Tangus".


  1. Use attacks during wars.
  2. Donate. Donate. Donate. I'm tired of people not donating. In the last clan I was in, I was 350;150.
  3. Have fun, be active, etc. etc.

The rules are fairly simple. If you don't attack during wars, you get a strike. Two strikes and you're out. Put * at the end of your application to ensure you read. Try to keep your donate ratio above taking ratio. And don't be a downer.

If you wish, apply using format below:

In Game Name:

Why you want to join:

How old are you?:

Town Hall Level:

Trophy Level:

Will you abide by the rules?:

Hope to see you in the clan!

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