• Phoenix130

    Twas the night before clashmas

    And all through the village

    No enemy was around

    To plunder or pillage

    The giants were asleep in their big lounge chair

    But the wiz towers were up and fully aware

    The Goblins were nestled snug in their bed

    With visions of gold dancing in their head

    The pekka in her armor, the miner in his cap

    Just settled in bed for a long winter nap

    From beyond the walls there arose such a clatter

    The king sprang from his bed to see what was the matter

    And the walls fell in a few big quakes

    Letting our guard down was a huge mistake

    The moon lit up the new fallen snow

    Gave an outline to the creatures below

    In the eyes of the villagers, I could see worry and fear

    And then the skeletons began to appear

    The wallbreakers were coming so lively and q…

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