Twas the night before clashmas

And all through the village

No enemy was around

To plunder or pillage

The giants were asleep in their big lounge chair

But the wiz towers were up and fully aware

The Goblins were nestled snug in their bed

With visions of gold dancing in their head

The pekka in her armor, the miner in his cap

Just settled in bed for a long winter nap

From beyond the walls there arose such a clatter

The king sprang from his bed to see what was the matter

And the walls fell in a few big quakes

Letting our guard down was a huge mistake

The moon lit up the new fallen snow

Gave an outline to the creatures below

In the eyes of the villagers, I could see worry and fear

And then the skeletons began to appear

The wallbreakers were coming so lively and quick

I had faith in our defenses, but now I feel sick

More rapid then eagles, the army then came

Our defenses stood up, ready for pain

Now! Canons, Now! Towers, Now! Teslas and xbows

Then! Bombs, Then! Spring traps and then the infernos

We ran from the fight, towards the townhall

They've come for our loot, they've come for it all

As the battled raged on with dragons in the sky

I could hear the wind whimper and cry

On through the village, the dragons they flew

With arms full of gold

And dark elixir too

I could hear the crackling above the roof

I knew that I'd lost all of my hard earned loot

As I drew my sword, and turned around

There was the dragon, standing his ground

He was covered in scales from his head to his foot

His scales were covered with ashes and soot

A bundled of gold was strapped to his back

He was big and fearsome and ready to attack

His nose began to crinkle as he opened his mouth

His fangs were so scary

His mouth glowed red, I was so wary

The air defense was lit, He was down in one blow

He fell to the ground and was buried in snow

The loot he stole was held tight in his teeth

And the smoke encircled his head like a wreath

Then a goblin appeared all grungy and smelly

He was ugly with a big pot belly

All chubby and plump and proud of himself

I reached for arrows that sat on the shelf

A wink of his eye and twist of his head

He gave me a look like he had nothing to dread

He spoke not a word and went straight to work

He filled his bag and then turned with a jerk

I prepared to fire my big wooden bow

He was trapped in the corner with no where to go

He ran so fast that the air even whistled

Away he ran, through the snow covered thistle

The enemy king exclaimed, as he ran out of sight

Merry clashmas to all, to all a good fight

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