Here is a blog FULL of tips for your base and other things.

Simple, everybody-knows tips:

-Try to upgrade all your walls and defensive buildings BEFORE upgrading your Town Hall to the next level.

-If you don't want to waste your shield but you want to battle, then you can play on the single-player campaign. (single-player campaign will NOT take away your current shield.)

-If you are low on loot, try to stay online so no one can attack, buy a shield, or let a person attack and get a free shield. (UNRECOMMENDED)

Beginner tips:

-In the tutorial, try to wait things out instead of using a lot of your gems for speeding up a min. (you are forced to spend 250 gems in the tutorial for the builder's hut, though.)

-Try to save the free wizards the tutorial gives you for the "Payback" level of single-player campaign.

-Only try to battle bases that are simple, like a level 1-3 cannon with a level 2 archer tower or so.

-Spend your loot on upgrading your base, otherwise many people can attack your base with ease.

Intermediate tips:

-Find people with lots of loot.

-For trophy-hunting, try finding places with big win trophies and tiny amount of trophies depleted when you lose.

-If a base is too hard for your, find another one.

-Do not spend too much gems on your Town Hall.

-Try to spread traps around your Town Hall.

-Try not to put your mines and collectors. (I did that and other people used just 5 goblins and won.)

Expert Tips:

-GO FOR THE TOP 200!!!!

-Share many replays with your clanmates, and donate a lot.

-Try to use many strategies to take out your oppenenets: FAMOUS STRATEGY: get a 3-8 archers, 2 golems, 5-7 witches, 1-2 dragons, 2 lightning spells, 2 rage spells, and 1 freeze/jump spell. Use lightning spell to wipe out a air defense, and then release some archers randomly to lure hereos/find traps. Deploy golems at top of base. At top corners, deploy witches. When MOST air defenses are taken out, deploy dragons for sweep. Use rage spells and freeze spell if losing. If you packed a jump spell, use if troops are trying to take out a wall.


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