• Predator neelu

    my attack strategy

    January 8, 2014 by Predator neelu

    2 healers + 7 wall breakers + 14/15 Giants + 13/14 Wizards + remaining archers (30+)  + 3 lightning spell

    Start :

    1) Select the base which has level 6 walls (not much level 7 walls) with 200000 gold.

    2) Select a point of attack from where your grab would be maximum (not to worry about what defense is in place).

    If the gold grab would be even from all places then check for the point where two or + mortars are near and would be destroyed in a short time. This is because mortars won’t allow my archers to come in the field and would also trouble my wizards.

    3) Now put all 3 lightning spells on the air defense which is nearest to the point you have selected. This will completely destroy the single unit of air defense and also some units nearby. Now this part…

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