2 healers + 7 wall breakers + 14/15 Giants + 13/14 Wizards + remaining archers (30+)  + 3 lightning spell

Start :

1) Select the base which has level 6 walls (not much level 7 walls) with 200000 gold.

2) Select a point of attack from where your grab would be maximum (not to worry about what defense is in place).

If the gold grab would be even from all places then check for the point where two or + mortars are near and would be destroyed in a short time. This is because mortars won’t allow my archers to come in the field and would also trouble my wizards.

3) Now put all 3 lightning spells on the air defense which is nearest to the point you have selected. This will completely destroy the single unit of air defense and also some units nearby. Now this particular region is little weak.

4) Put all the Giants at the point which I selected for the attack and immediately put the healers on them for their protection.

5) Launch the wall breakers in pairs of two to break the walls. Just make sure the mortar has not fired and the wall breakers would be able to do their job. In this case the archers ,cannons and the wizard tower all are concentrating on the giants and wall breakers would be blind for everyone except the bad mortar.

6) After the first wall break immediately launch all the Wizards in the field.

7) Now again launch the wall breakers in pairs of two so that the second level of the walls would now be in target.

8) Once at least 2 mortars are destroyed , scatter the archers around the POA (may be little here and there is fine).

I am very sure by this time 45% to 55% of the territory is destroyed and most of them were the defense so the remaining base is just a matter of time. Also the Wizards have done the 60% of the gold grab.

One Line - My attack is only to grab the gold and try to get 50% territory destroyed. Trophies would come eventually and your level will automatically determine your trophies. Also I attack from one point only but keep it little slow paced until the mortars are gone.

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