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    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to tell everyone about my clan, Empite Builder! 

    I am co leader, and wear recuiting members with at least 1200 trophies!

    Its about 45 members, and we have about 5-7 gold level 3-1 players. Donations, well they depend on the player, and the raiding strategies the people who donate alot use. I personally donate 500 to 1000 troops per season, sometimes about 100-200 cuz i have so much school. We give a wide range of troops too: Giants, archers, barbarrians (only if asked for), baloons, healers, etc.

    Klaus (the other co-leader) and I, as well as a few others are dragon fans so from us you can expect dragons, if your clan castle is upgraded to level 3*. In addition to dragons, I give minions. However, we do not always gi…

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  • Price william

    50 EDITS!

    October 3, 2013 by Price william

    I am writing this blog in honor of my 50 edits to the Clash of Clans Wiki! Thx everybody for your support, and i will continue to make edits and contribute to this awesome place. Thx Again Everybody! This Place Rocks!

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