Hello guys and I have some sad news today :-(

Due to some issues with a stubborn clan leader who blames everything on me tensions are high, and despite my attempts to solve the issue, negotiations (and all speaking for that matter) have ceased.

Myself, Teddy, and Destroyer are looking for a top 100 or top 50 clan to be a part of.

We are mature people (all 16-17 years of age),

We are currently in Retribution (15000 trophies). We are all very loyal, and spend money on this game as well as lots of our time.

Each of our record trophy limits differ slightly.

Mine is 2500 after one week. Can go higher in a longer trophy hunt

Teddy's is 2450 after one week. Can go higher in a longer trophy hunt

Destroyer's is unknown he has been farming for awhile but his base would also put him at around 2500.

Again check us out

Retribution (15000 trophies)




Please leave a message on my wall if you are interested in acquiring our skills

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