Yeah, I spent a lot of time to create this.

Troop/Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Barbarian Elixir25 Elixir40 Elixir60 Elixir80 Elixir100 Elixir150
Archer Elixir50 Elixir80 Elixir120 Elixir160 Elixir200 Elixir300
Goblin Elixir25 Elixir40 Elixir60 Elixir80 Elixir100 Elixir150
Giant Elixir100 Elixir200 Elixir300 Elixir400 Elixir500 Elixir600
Wall Breaker Elixir500 Elixir750 Elixir1,000 Elixir1,250 Elixir1,500 Elixir1,750
Balloon Elixir400 Elixir500 Elixir600 Elixir700 Elixir800 Elixir900
Wizard Elixir375 Elixir500 Elixir625 Elixir750 Elixir875 Elixir1,000
Healer Elixir357.14 Elixir428.57 Elixir571.42 Elixir714.28
Dragon Elixir1,250 Elixir1,500 Elixir1,800 Elixir2,125
P.E.K.K.A Elixir1,200 Elixir1,400 Elixir1,680 Elixir2,000
Minion Dark elixir3 Dark elixir3.5 Dark elixir4 Dark elixir4.5 Dark elixir5 Dark elixir5.5
Hog Rider Dark elixir8 Dark elixir9 Dark elixir10.4 Dark elixir11.6 Dark elixir13
Valkyrie Dark elixir8.75 Dark elixir12.5 Dark elixir16.25 Dark elixir20
Golem Dark elixir150 Dark elixir166.66 Dark elixir183.33 Dark elixir200 Dark elixir210
Witch Dark elixir20.83 Dark elixir29.16
  • Dragons are the most expensive.

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