• RandyM1940

    Different types of attacking:

    Spamming - If you are mainly looking for villages with high amounts of resources, you should use this method called "Spamming". Basically, you max out your Army Camps with high level Goblins and a few Wall Breakers. First deploy 1-2 Goblins in the area that protects the most resources, then put in 2 Wall Breakers. Send Goblins in waves rather than deploying all of them in the same area. When the Mortar is targeting one group of Goblins, deploy more Goblins on the opposite side, with a few Wall Breakers. Deploy on the side if necessary.

    Blitzkrieg - Use 18 Giants, 2-3 Healers, 5 Wall Breakers, and lots of Archers. Deploy all the Giants, then a few Wall Breakers. Deploy the Healers after the Giants, then deploy ha…

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  • RandyM1940

    Welcome to my Strategy Guide! In this Guide, I'll show you how to design your base to withstand enemy attacks, show you some tips, and tell you how to save resourcesand Gems!

    DESIGNING YOUR BASE - If you worry about your Town Hall, put it in the middle surrounded by the maximum amount of mortars that you have. Surround it by other defenses and walls. Put your storages on the outside of your village if you only have few resources in there.

    'If you worry about your resources, like me, do this'------------------>

    'This is my village. XP.' Anyway.

    ATTACKING IN MULTIPLAYER -  Unlock th Healer in the Barracks first. Then, train 2-3 Healers, 18 Giants,  5 Wall Breakers, and Archers. Deploy all the Giants, then 2-3 Wall Breakers(depending on the level …

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  • RandyM1940

    Hello. My name's Randy, and I'll tell you how to keep your village safe, and I'll also tell you how to attack/defend.

    Keeping your village safe:

    1) Traps. Bombs do very low damage, so I suggest putting them at the corners of your village or at weak spots in walls. Spring traps do higher damage, so use them to cover open spots in your walls. They're good for killing Giants. Giant Bombs do extremely high damage, but at 50,000 gold per bomb and a Max of 1 Giant Bomb,  I would suggest no. A single troop can set it off.

    2) Mortar. The most effective defense. Splash damage from the shell does a lot of damage. Put this in the center of your village to ensure maximum coverage. But on the downside: It has a weak spot(4 tiles). Any enemy within that we…

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