Welcome to my Strategy Guide! In this Guide, I'll show you how to design your base to withstand enemy attacks, show you some tips, and tell you how to save resourcesand Gems!

DESIGNING YOUR BASE - If you worry about your Town Hall, put it in the middle surrounded by the maximum amount of mortars that you have. Surround it by other defenses and walls

Well, they ran out of troops after they deployed all the Wall Breakers.. o_O

. Put your storages on the outside of your village if you only have few resources in there.

'If you worry about your resources, like me, do this'------------------>

'This is my village. XP.' Anyway.

ATTACKING IN MULTIPLAYER -  Unlock th Healer in the Barracks first. Then, train 2-3 Healers, 18 Giants,  5 Wall Breakers, and Archers. Deploy all the Giants, then 2-3 Wall Breakers(depending on the level of the Wall). After that, deploy all Healers available. Deploy Archers behind the Giants, then use 2 Lightning Spells to destroy any defense that is causng the most casualties(Mortars, Archer Towers, Air Defenses). Then, sit back and relax!

ATTACKING IN SINGLE-PLAYER MODE - Since this mode has no time limit, use 1 Balloon/1 Minion and 5 Giants. Deploy all the Giants to destroy the defenses, then deploy a single Balloon or Minion. Even if there are Cannons or Mortars remaining, they can't target the air units. And you have infinite time.

Destroying area-splash defenses are a good way to start off your attack.

Wizard Tower - Deploy 1 Giant and 5 Archers against a single Wizard Tower. Make sure it's out of range of another Wizard Tower or Mortar. If there is, use the "Attacking in Multiplayer" method.

Mortar - Sometimes a player will put a Mortar on the edge of their village. Deploy a Wall Breaker to destroy the Wall protecting it(if any), then deploy Barbarians against it. If it's in range of another area-splash defense, use the "Attacking in Multiplayer" method.

Archer Tower - They have high damage and high health, so Barbarians and Archers won't work. Use Giants to efficiently destroy it, or you can use Lightning Spells.

Cannon - They might not be in range of an Air Defense or an Archer Tower, so deploying a single Balloon or Minion can destroy it. Just be patient. If not, then, once again, use the "Attacking in Multiplayer" method.

Hidden Tesla - If you have revealed one, spam Barbarians or Giants against it. Use Healers if available.

Air Defense - Use Giants to quickly destroy it, then use your air units. They deal high damage to any air unit, but not much to Dragons.

SAVING RESOURCES - Some players think that their resource collectors, mines, and drills don't contain any resources. This isn't true. They contain about 20% of your total resources, so protecting them is a good idea. If the total amount of resources of an enemy's village is even, then most of the resources are in the collectors/mines/drillers. If it's odd, it's divided between the storages and the collectors/mines/drills. Don't spend on any decorations. (500 Gems for an Ancient Skull? BS!)

Dealing with annoying Traps - Minions can detect Giant Bombs with out being damaged. Goblins are faster than most traps so it's helpful to spam 150+ Goblins in a battle. Archers are vulnerable to Bombs and Giant Bombs. Giants are vulnerable to Spring Traps and Giant Bombs. Barbarians...idk. 2 Air Bombs can take down a huge group of Balloons. I saw it myself. Minions can't be detected by the Seeking Air Mine.
File:Spring trap.png

Well, that's all I have for today! I'll make sure to update this once in a while. Thanks for reading!