More proof, lol

Different types of attacking:

Spamming - If you are mainly looking for villages with high amounts of resources, you should use this method called "Spamming". Basically, you max out your Army Camps with high level Goblins and a few Wall Breakers. First deploy 1-2 Goblins in the area that protects the most resources, then put in 2 Wall Breakers. Send Goblins in waves rather than deploying all of them in the same area. When the Mortar is targeting one group of Goblins, deploy more Goblins on the opposite side, with a few Wall Breakers. Deploy on the side if necessary.

Blitzkrieg - Use 18 Giants, 2-3 Healers, 5 Wall Breakers, and lots of Archers. Deploy all the Giants, then a few Wall Breakers. Deploy the Healers after the Giants, then deploy half of your Archers(about 40). If there are more Walls within the village, deploy as many Wall Breakers as necessary. Use Lightning Spells to destroy interfering defenses.

Achievement Collector - Use this method while looking for Trophies. Use 1 Giant and about 25 Archers(the Giant is a distraction in case the Archers are getting attacked). If a Town Hall is on the corner of a village and is not in range of any defenses, throw in 10 Archers. If it is in range of a defense, deploy the Giant, then all the Archers. If it's in range of many defenses but not within the village, use 5 Giants and 30 Archers.

Achievement Destroyer - Train 1 Goblin and look for a village with resources that are not in range of any defenses. Then deploy the Goblin and wait. Once the Goblin is killed, return to your village. You have now made profit from a single Goblin! Achievement Unlocked: Profit Person (jk)

This are actually real battles that I've won ------------------------------->

More proof, but this time I got more resources and 1 more trophy. Also, I only used 1 Level 1 Healing Spell.



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