A clan created in April 2014 by ShadowyPlague and Shadez. We donate the highest level troops around, including maxed out minions and hog riders. We maintain a strong, healthy clan by constantly reshuffling our elders and co-leaders. 

Earning a position and then refusing to donate more is not tolerated and will result in a demotion or being kicked. Our policy: to get elder, you must donate twice as many troops as you recieve, and you must be a SUPERB donater to get co-leader.

We currently are in the middle of a trophy push to 1100 trophies. We are still a growing clan, with approximately 20 players. We would be extremely grateful if you joined and helped us rise to the top 200 clans.

We have participated in ten clan wars, and have won eight of them, with the ninth being 28-29. We are currently in another clan war, and we are winning! Most of our wars are 15v15, and exclude our bottom 4-5 players, so join us, and help us achieve that 20v20!

If you choose to join us, search for the clan ShadowyShadez. Last time we checked, we were the only clan with this name, but look for the clan with the blue and white symbol. The top two players will be ShadowyPlague, in Crystal I, and Shadez, in Gold II.

So what are you waiting for? Join ShadowyShadez and cash in on those level six minions and level five hog riders! If you donate, you could earn co-leader, and be at the top of our well-organized political system.

Join us as soon as you would like, but know that every second that you delay is another second that you are missing out on a spot in this growing community of active, loyal, and hardworking players. And when we attribute these qualities to our players, we are not exaggerating! Due to our constant checking of the clan positions, anyone who does not meet our criteria for a clan role will be kicked or demoted. In fact, several people were just kicked from our clan due to inactivity, including one of our co-leaders. No one is above justice!

Join ShadowyShadez, and discover the best parts of our clan – troops, players, a strong political system – we've got it all! Join now, don't miss out! 

-Redshiftex (Shadez)

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