Hello guys, 

I have been inactive lately. Actually what happend was that we had to perform titration in school chem lab and I had to measure 20ml of conc. sulfuric acid using a pippete(a slender tube attached to or incorporating a bulb, for transferring or measuring out small quantities of liquid, especially in a laboratory.) Now what I did was applied a bit of extra force and BYMISTAKE I sucked in 9ml of it. Well school chemicals are not that harmful but they are corrosive enough to knock you out for few hours. Lucky me I was found earlier and given immediate medical attention. Doctors said that I was unconcious for an hour atleast. The acid had temporarily destroyed my digestive enzymes and I was supposed to get all my nutrients from the glucose bottle for one day.(Because the digestive enzymes would have repaired themselves in an hour but I was weak enough to digest anything.) I am not allowed to eat anything spicy for almost a week. I have to eat plain food. In hindi it is called as khichdi. Trust me guys I am more sick of eating it then I am rom that acid reaction.LOL.

Anyways now I am back and recovering. Weakness is gone and all is good. Thanks for all your support. And thanks to all  other moderators who took care of the discussion board on my behalf. And thanks a lot for all your good wishes!!

Keep editing! Keep Clashing! and stay happy and stay safe. And also never try to taste any acid. Believe me it is yuk!!

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