Hello friends,

Most of you would be wondering what to upgrade when you have just hit with your Townhall Upgrade.

Points To Note:

1) Ensure you have full elixr and gold before the Townhall upgrade completes.
2) In case of Less number of workers, Ensure them they all are free. Plan your last upgrades accordingly.

Once you hit TH upgrade, Usually I follow this pattern of upgrade. (For th8 and below)

Upgrade all stuffs to maxed TH level from which you came. Ex: if new archer tower or mortar is there upgrade that first.

As you will have new defensive buildings.

Now for Defense I usually go with

>>Wiz Tower
>>Air Defence
>>Gaint Bombs/Air Mines
>>Cannon/Air Bombs
>>Archer Tower

For Other Buildings

>>Army Camp
>>Spell Factory
>>Gold/Elixr/Dark Elixr Storage
>>Dark Barracks

Once you Get Heros (Barb King/ Archer Queen) Ensure they have got thier special ability. If possible max them out according to your TH level.

Happy to hear from you what you are going with. :)

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