• Roddie16Jr

    Recruiting Notice

    November 4, 2016 by Roddie16Jr

    Clan Name: Blazers 9.0 (#R22GY0R2)

    Clan Leader: XxRichiexX

    Attention Clasher, A new clan is being put in place for hardcore and noobies Clasher...

    1. The first 10 player that joins the clan will be promoted to Co-leader...

    2. Every body will be in war... (10 person for each war)

    3. Respect the ALL players and donate what you want but if is war troop give what they ask for...

    4. You're free to leave if you want and you will be accepted back.. But don't abuse it💯

    Comment below if you have any question...

    🔥🌋See you soon Blazers🌋🔥

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