Defense strategies Town Hall 4+

Good Setups

Faith Diamond: a huge diamond of you town hall and resourses then there is mini diamonds on the sides holding cannons archer towers and the mortar is inside in clan war i attacked a guy with one of these and i lost.

'Waterfall' base:   basicly a base that looks like a waterfall and i quote "VERY PROTECTIVE AGAINSTED GIANTS AND ARCHERS" it is hard to defeat my base is a waterfall and i scroll down and see "Your defences won" all the way down.

Troop bombing base: to create a troop bombing base is to put the mortar in the middle of the base and SLIGHTLY move your Town hall  to the side and cannons and archer towers on the side and then you'll win (slightly)

Hope this was useful!!!

Attack Strategies Town Hall 4+

Full archer bomb: train 70-120 archers then go 'bombing' on a base and remember dont place all your archers!

Giant And Wallbreaker crash: train 15-25 giants and 3-5 wallbreakers and find a base...when thats done attack with all giants one place then wallbreakers to break the wall and if you have a few giants left, place them, then when thats done the base might be 2-3 starred after doing this you will gain alot of trophies and loot

Extreme Troop Combo: A few giants a few archers a few barbarians a few balloons a few wallbreakers and the rest barbarians this will win you alot of fights againsted higher people, and EVERYONE AFRAID OF WIZARD TOWERS ATTENTION!!! USE THIS STRATEGIE AND YOU WONT BE SCARED ANYMORE :)!!!

Hope This Was Usefull!!!!

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