Hey guys, I'm very new to the clash of clans wikipedia, and I would love to be active on the chat forums, but I slightly am, although I don't have much time after my school starts. I have a few ideas on a recent blog or forum I made, and you can check it out on

Ideas I have:

I have a lot of ideas to share with you. I will share my most recent one.


This is the clan castle level 6.

This is my idea of the clan castle level 6. This would be great for the top players and such, because it would be able to hold a golem, wizard, and archer! That would be extremely helpful against GoWiPe attacks, but still will result in the other player getting a one star, because GoWiPe attacks are extremely hard to defend against, I have seen tons of them on YouTube. 

The Clan Castle level 6 can hold 35 troop capacity, but you should lower the cost of the level 5 clan castle to 4.8 million. The cost of this would be 7.6 million because it would be a tiny bit lower then double the cost of level 5 cc, but you get it. 

Thanks for reading my first idea!

I think there should be an idea for a gold and elixir storage level 12. They both add 150 hitpoints onto the level 11 storage. The build cost is 1 million, and it will hold 4 million.


This is the gold storage level 12.

 So this is the gold storage level 12.

So this is the elixir storage 12.


The elixir storage level 12.

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