HI guys, today I am going to give the most important tips in case of winning matches by attacking with different set of troops. Hope it will be very helpful for every coc-player.

1st Group (Barbarian /Archer /Wizard /Minions):

With this type of teams, you have to be very clever to win the battle. Because of their range attack style and little hitpoints, you can not completely overpower your opposition most of the time. That means, all 3 star is quite impossible. But, still you can steal one star and win the matches. You have to cautious about two points. 1, is the resource elements are outside the bases and 2, is tha base decorated in such a way that most of the non-defensive structures are outside the defensive area of the village. Then you can put your troops around those structures and can get atleast 1 star by destroying 50% in 3 minutes. But, beware of cc troops. For that you can store some troops in your pocket to manage that problem.

2nd Group (Giant /Ballon /Hog rider/ Golem):

Clearly speaking, you can not take at least 1star(if you are not very lucky) by filling up your troops all by this member. Because, though they have high hitpoints, they attack opponents' defence first. While in the meantime, cc troops or skeleton traps will kill them without any problem. So, my advice is to take 60% of these troops with 40% of 1st group. And now if you attack with a little brain, you can definitely win all the 3star most of the time. For that, 1st you have to check out cc troops. After killing them by your 1st group, you can release your defence attacker at that point of village where the defence structures are mostly strong and located. And when these troops start destroying defences release your remaining 1st group of soilders behind them to take out other strucrures. Match is yours!

3rd Group (Dragon /Pekka /Valkyrie /Bowlers /Miners ):

With these team you are likely to get 2star one for 50% and one for town hall capture. They all have range attacks with high hitpoints. So, you need not to worry about their life. Just create a funnel by releasing some troops in two directions away from each other. And after take out nearest structures release your remaining large amount of troops to blow the way of town hall.

With these teams, you have to use healer-goblins-wallbreakers-witch troops and the very important spells with ofcourse your brain. As a champion league member I would recommend 9 dragons-20 archers team as the most dependable team and 1 dragon-1 golem-10 hog riders-10 valkyries- 20 archers as the most balanced team. All the best readers, Clash On!

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