We are an International ADULT clan, who love to play the game. We have been established since 02/2013.

We are focused on the quality of members we take in, not quantity. Only about one in five get to stay. We have no problem removing members who don't make the cut. We have members of all adult ages, sexes, sexual preferences, ethnic backgrounds. We do not stand for any intolerance. We come to enjoy the game, and that's our main focus.

Clash on!


  • 18+ years old minimum.
  • 1400 Trophies.
  • New members MUST donate 25 troops before requesting.
  • No drama in clan chat or global.
  • Minimum donations are 100/week with a 1:2 give take ratio.
  • Be active.
  • Be respectful of all members.

Want more information? Visit our site. THINKGEEKCOC

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