Yo, whassup guys, like Brady just said in his latest bl,ime is now for a BIG changes.

Yup, I'm talking about the Wiki Crusades, the official clan of this Wiki.

Now as we can see, this clan exists two years now and the clan suffered many changes during two years, and it's very inactive right now.

When I was joined this clan about 20 days ago, and when I heard Brady that he will abandon this clan and start from scratch, I was asking myself: "Why? How he can abandon something which was crrating over the years? How is that possible?" Yesterday, Brady said that he is going to start from scratch and at my surprise he promoted me to Leader and left the clan. I was saying: "Man what a waste", knowing that it's all gone to hell, when suddenly, a Brady joined clan again. I tell him that this clan exist two years and we can't just threw that allaway like garbage, and this clan has everything except Activity. From that point, Brady reliesed that he only have to do is to recruit more members. So, I WANT YOU, TO JOIN OUR CLAN, BE ACTIVE, RESPECTFULL TOWARDS ANYONE AND YOU WILL HELP US TO MAKE THIS CLAN BETTER THEN EVER!!!!

So, what you waiting for? JOIN US RIGHT NOW!

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