This is your TOTAL archer attack guide. love the unit who shoots over walls but want to know how to use her most effectively? read this guide! If you read this whole thing, you won't be missing out on much about archers. [1]The level 6 archerAdded by Moorgr0ve

Summary of the archerEdit

The archer is a greatly adaptable unit. She has a good speed, good damage and fair HP.  She is effective at taking out buildings from a distance. She is probably the best clan castle unit, best unit if your just using one, and has the greatest adaptability of any unit in the game.  

The archer attack guideEdit

The archer is a great unit for taking down buildings and backing up other units. Place a lone archer on a building outside the wall but in range of the defences and she'll take it out.  You can also drop archers on defences behind one layer of walls and destroy them without having to use wall breakers. You can use archers to eliminate buildings if you drop a giant/P.E.K.K.A in front of them, and let the "big guys" soak up damage while the archers deal the damage. Let's get into some do's and don'ts


Drop archers behind units that soak up damage.

Use the range of an archer to destroy buildings behind walls   

Take out unprotected buildings using archers


Drop lone archers without "big guys"

Allow archers to group up near mortars or wizard towers.

So now you understand some do's and don'ts, so how can you apply these to your attacks?

Attack strategy with archers: Farming

Use: 12 giants, 8-12 wall breakers, 45 goblins and 45 archers. Extra space? divide it equally between goblins and archers.  If the loot is in the collectors, drop 1 giant to distract and drop 5-10 archers on the collector(s) if they are behind walls. If the money is in the storages, drop 1 giant, 2 WB's to break the walls and oonce the walls are gone drop all your giants, then drop all your archers behind them. keep using WB's until your in the storages. Then drop your goblins in waves until they destroy the storages.  This usually works.

Attack strategy with archers: trophy pushing

Use: 1/2 archers and 1/2 Barbarians. Drop your barbarians in a circle around the base. Then drop your archers behind the barbarians and hopefully achive 50%. just pick the right base!!!!  In addition, ALWAYS drop your barbarians first.

Archers in the clan castle.Edit

Probably the best clan castle unit in the game for defence. A clan castle full of 25 archers standing behind a wall can shoot down enemy giants, barbarians, ETC. In addition, archers shoot at air units making them effective.  

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