• Skull crusher13
    • Gem Mine - I just thought of this as I was writing this post and I thought it should go at the top,mostly so you guys would understand other ideas that have something to do with the gem mine. The gem mine is a resource and should cost a lot of dark elixer, but only produces a small amount of gems so a lvl 1 gem mine only produces 1 gem per hour, a lvl 2 gem mine only produces 2 gems per hour and so on. (I am not 100% sure what to sugest! so can you tell me do you think there should or shouldn't be a gem storage?)
    • Higher Levels - I was thinking Supercell should should make a lvl 12 elixer collector/gold mine and a lvl 7 dark elixer drill for the people who have already upgraded everything and are board because their is nothing to upgrade. Al…
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