• SkywiseUnmatched

    Finding good players may seem like a 'hit & miss' but there are key indicators to improve the odds of getting a 'hit'.

    The following are things to look for.  It doesn't mean that you don't get the occasional hopper but at least they will be a good hopper :)

    1) Minimum Level - Normally if they don't have the minimum level, look no further.  But if they are off by '1' level (e.g. minimum is lvl55 and they are lvl54), don't rule them out.  Take a strong look since they might be a few points from hitting the minimum.

    2) Layout - This tells a lot about how much they know about defense.  If they surround their camps with walls but leave their gold/exlicer bins in the open then you can probably say they aren't very good.  If their wizard towers and …

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