Hello, as you may all NOT know me, I am Slime chap. I have wonderful new ideas but am obviously new to thr blogging experience. Please inform me of any mistakes I make or rules I break.

New ideas.

  • We need like a ninja. Its invisible until it attacks, high speed, medium damage, but a pathetically low Hp.
  • How about water troops? We have air troops, land troops, what we need now is a water troop! Like a pirate that fires bombs or cannons. A mortar could strike it, an archer tower, air troops, etc.
  • Troop donations should be able to garrison the clan castle. Like archers on top, defending this castle with their lives. I mean, like ranged troops, not giants or minions. A giant will break it!

Gnomes. They could tunnel under ground and pop up in your base.

I will be posting more of these, ddon't you worry. Again contact me if I am did this wrong. Thank you.

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