aka The LumberJack

  • I live in In Frozen Peak
  • My occupation is Hunting The Log and Getting Drunk on Rage
  • I am TheRagedOne
  • SmashDudeHD

    If you don't have dragons, don't worry more balloons are an alright replacement also minions can be replaced by archers but if you don't have balloons there is no point in you reading this.

    If you have 200 space your army should consist of 4 dragons 25 minions and 14 balloons and 2-4 lightnings.

    So the first objective is to find a base that has an air defence upgrading or outside the walls and a base focused more on cannons than archer towers.

    Then you have to deploy two of your big phat dragons with your lovely balloons, about 8 behind to take out majority of the defences then drop the rest of your army on th remaing defences to take the phat lewt.

                                     Enjoy your trophies and your precious gold and elixir.

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