• Smilee426


    July 8, 2015 by Smilee426
    • Ok so i have a question.... I got attacked and went to go do a revenge attack.....
    • I sat around for an hour and pressing the revenge button over and over and over....
    • the notice went from village owner online to village has active shield..
    • I went back to look at his village and sure enough...the TH had been destroyed....however...I was pushing the revenge button over and over very quickly not to miss out on the revenge attack
    • Normally if you go to do a revenge attack or any attack on someone and they are currently under attack it will say that...
    • but this did not say anything like that... I would suspect the player is hacking just to keep an active shield and his loot.
    • Any thoughts?? and how do we resolve this?
    • FYI...The player that I went to att…
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