• Snowpea003

    Well if you're reading this you want dark elixir and pribably don't have a drill.

    Day one Buy a dark elixir storage if not owned. Attack people with this combo Goblins Archers Lightning spells

    Well just attack people like this.

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  • Snowpea003

    So let's get started.

    Day one Get a farming base: recourse storages in the middle town hall protected by traps in the corner. Makes sure you're in leagues around silver 3~bronze 1. Make sure you have a shield. Once you're happy to start farming boost all your collectors. You're in a low league so they wont go for the middle.

    Day two You should've collected your elixir from yesterday and earnt around 200,000~400,000. Raid a few times but if you still want your shield go for campaign. I got around 100,000 elixir from beating a LOT of levels.

    Day three Dont boost your collectors anymore and don't raid (to keep your shield). You should have around 800,000 elixir (i started farming when i had 400,000 elixir when i started farming. Now to collect rec…

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