aka i 4mzZ M1AM1 H3AT

  • I live in On Earth
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is Pocket Frogs player :)
  • I am 28
  • Somerandomguy64

    Who was it???

    January 4, 2013 by Somerandomguy64

    Someone posted on my profile...

    "I'm 12! I'm homosexual! Lol jk..."

    I know it was a joke, but who was it and why did u put it there? TY in advance,


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  • Somerandomguy64

    Hello I am a member of a clan called "master class" Feel welcome to join if you have 1000 trophies but be warned:

    1) Only trusted people are elder, DO NOT ASK FOR ELDER.

    2) We kick all the non-donators.

    3) We do not tolerate rudeness or any sort of BS.

    4) Farming IS permitted (in fact, many of our members are under 1000)

    Join up if you want!

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