If don't know what is clan war, then just go to the wiki page. This blog by me may explain clan war mechanics for you.

Also, the following contents will only work if you are the leader or a trusted co-leader.

The clan war can be split into 4 stages:

  1. The preparation. Note it isn't the preparation day. A non-back-to-back warring clan should always give a day asking members whether or not they want to be in war and do they have time for war.
  2. The search period. Remember to have a fairly non-rushed war member list unless for some exceptions-- which I will write later.
  3. The preparation day. Now you get to the real part of the clan war. In this 23 hour preparation, your clan can get the last note on how to attack and the overall strategy. If you are the top ones, you will have some war CC to be filled. Hurry up or it will be a mess!
  4. The Battle Day. Launch a full-scale attack! Remember to be always online and fill your army camp with highly used CC reinforcements. And when it is your turn to attack? Go straight forward and help your clan by getting 6 stars and continue your long-unbroken war win streak!

Pre-preparation explained

Now your clan just ended a previous war. No matter what the result turn out to be, you and your fellow clanmates are eagle for war soon. In this interim of 1-2 days, what can you do?

  1. Open for some new recruits--Especially when the prev war was a bad one. Always set the clan to Invite Only--Who knows? Maybe a random guy can came to your clan and does very well(in anything)!
  2. Chat a lot.....A LOT. Remember to make the clan look active. Some people hop from clan to clan just because they don't find a clan with active chat. It is annoying to see a message from weeks ago in the chat since what is in between are just green and red stuff.
  3. Loot. Remember clan wars can make a net loose loot, especially if you use high-elixir or DE costing troops or you donate a lot in CW. Remember that clan war is only an optional feature and try to get some upgrades between the wars.

Also , you can prepare the war even before it has started...

  1. Ask if anybody can't participate. It will be a mess if your NO.1 have upgrading AQ/BK, maybe even the Spell Factory.
  2. Do friendlies. Friendlies are a great way of testing your attacking skills and your layout. It will be actually very fun to have a friendlies league.
  3. Also plan a schedule. Message everybody about 12h b4 the war. If enough time is avaliable, put the war participation list on the message.

Well, I don't personally recommend back-to-back wars since it is quite a waste on elixir if you are the No.1(In which you may be constantly donating dragons). It also sort of depends on do you value clan war win streak over the clan war wins or the opposite. Many people will think total war win is better. But I think the win streak is worth more-- almost any clan can get 100 wins over time but not much get a ten-in-a-row. My recommendation? 2~3 wars per week, go clash on mornings(mornings always work well because your clanmates can attack in the first 12 hours and give the controll to your hand. Some clans won't even attack if they found themselves highly-starred and they can get a psychologic advantage since every fail of theirs can be deadly.

Many clan doesn't take the interim seriously while only some realizes this as a real effiecient time of the clan. Also remember to sum up everything that happened in the last wars and widen your experience while trying to improve some more in your strats!

If you can learn more strategy, go and ask your clanmates. If none's online, YouTube is your best friend. A back-up strategy is always handy.

Also... Kill the CC! Kill the CC!!!

If you are not sure if your clanmates (noticably TH 6 and below)know how to do a CC lure, go and ask them. In a top clan's clan war, a valk can ruin everything. Teach them whatever you know-- Archer circle, giant-archer, balloon drop, so on. Do some friendlies with CC reins.

Note: This isn't finished yet... further infos will be in the comments.

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