When I logged in this afternoon I saw I was at 99 edits, so I thought it was appropriate that I would make the next one a "100 Edits" post. :) It's been an interesting first week here at the Clash of Clans Wiki for me (at least in terms of being an editor; I've visited here many times since I started playing but only recently decided to add some content of my own). I'm quite impressed with our admin staff; they seem to be extremely on top of reviewing changes and keeping a keen lookout for vandalism.

Probably the most impressive thing I've seen so far on here is the willingness to share strategies amongst the members. There are some really good ideas on here, several of which I've tried out myself. If you stop and think about it, with very few exceptions we are all technically in competition with each other (albeit with very little chance of being matched with any particular person), so the fact that we are all so freely sharing our secrets is perhaps a bit surprising but refreshing all the same. :)

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