Today I was just checking my profile and I happened to notice a nice round number: 4,000 edits! If I am not mistaken, I am the third editor on this wiki to reach that milestone (behind GorillaMan and Badw0lf007). Quite a far cry from my 100-edit blog entry, eh? :)

I had actually intended to write more blog entries than this, but as always life seems to get in the way. So much has happened here on the wiki since I began here back in April, and the game itself has come so far as well. In the last several weeks we've seen a kind of renaissance of interest here; right after anonymous editing was disabled by Wikia back in July, we really lost of lot of views, and I was worried that the wiki might begin to wither and die. The good news is we've come back strong, and August has seen a flurry of new activity. We have lost a few of our administration team but the folks who are here are doing a great job. :)

I'm also very excited about the game so far. I am in the middle of TH8 now and enjoying it quite a bit. I have most of my troops upgraded and I'm approaching approximately halfway through my defensive upgrades. I'm able to fend off most TH8 and some TH9 attacks and farming resources is getting easier and easier with upgraded troops! Dark elixir also seems to be easier to come by without having to resort to lightning spells like at TH7 as well. I think I want to stay at TH8 a while, though; as many upgrades as there are at TH9, I'm not looking forward to dealing with the loot penalty (as well as having to face bases with X-Bows and Inferno Towers!).

That's probably enough for always, Clash On!

Spsig 21:23, August 26, 2013 (UTC-7)

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