As a fairly new player I am enjoying the game and I have come up with an idea that I think would make the game more interesting and also add a lot of strategy in terms attacking and also defending.

The idea would consist of having the ability to merge troops in the research lab (or possibly a new building) which would combine certain abilities from each troop to form a new troop that is almost like a hybrid, E.g. merging a Barbarian and an Archer to create a Barcher, which would have the slow speed and health of a Barbarian but the attack style of an Archer.

If a new building would be needed to follow out this idea, then a possible idea would be to have a new type of lab or an addition to the existing research lab that would require a fraction of the research cost of both troops for each level but would have to be researched every time you wanted to train them. E.g. A fraction of Barbarian level 1 research to level 2 (50,000 Elixir) + Archer level 1 research to level 2 (50,000 Elixir) = 100,000 Elixir to create the Barcher, to be trainable for either a limited time or permanently for an additional training cost. Of course the new troop would need to be balanced so it has advantages and disadvantages from being combined.

These new troops would bring a wider range of strategies for attacking and defending For example, on offense you could have a combined Barbarian with Wall Breaker so that when the Barbarian goes down then it would explode just as a Wall Breaker would. For example, on defense putting this same combination would be able to be put in a clan castle so that when attacked the troop would attack the opposition as usual and have the same effect when it dies so that it blows us and kills enemy troops.

The possible troop combination should be limited to stop overloading barracks with the types of troops you can train. These troops combinations would be down to Supercell to decide themselves but suggestions would be valued. The troops would also have to be balanced so that do not become overpowered!

This is a new thought in development and is open for suggestions and possible improvements or even just general thoughts on the idea itself.

Thanks for reading!

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