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Ssfang's Strategy Guide



Chapter 1

Town Hall Guide

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Chapter 2

Defense Guide

Town Hall 6 Town Hall 7 Town Hall 8 Town Hall 9 Town Hall 10

Chapter 3


Town Hall 6 Town Hall 7 Town Hall 8 Town Hall 9 Town Hall 10

Chapter 4

Trophy Hunting

Town Hall 6 Town Hall 7 Town Hall 8 Town Hall 9 Town Hall 10

Rushing Town Halls

I completly advise not rushing you Town Hall as the loot bonus will go down plus your defense will fall behind! Except for Town Hall 1 NEVER rush your Town Hall!

Starting Up!

Just because I don't have a page about this doesn't mean I can't talk about it.

Little Guide Made by Supercell for the Game

Okay so you've downloaded clash of clans and a screen with a villager comes up. The villager will talk to you for a second then step away as a Goblin threatens to attack (this is the only time in the game that Goblins will attack). Now the villager will ask you to by a Cannon to defend your village do this otherwise you can't go on. Two Goblins will come and attack the Cannon first normally the Goblins will target Resources first. Afterward you will get revenge on the goblins by attacking the first Single Player Mission. Wizards will come to give you power against the Goblins, although you will get five Wizards you only need two. Now that you have attacked you will have bough loot to upgrade your Town Hall to level two, this is probably the most important upgrade in the game as it gives you one Archer Tower, another Barracks, another Cannon, and you also have access to Archers.

Upgrading Your Town Hall

So now your at Town Hall 2 this is where the game gets interesting

Barbarian Archer Strategy

Now you can have an Archer Barbarian strategy the oldest in the book! To use the Barbarian Archer strategy drop your Barbarians as a Meat Shield then drop your Archers to clean up the rest of the base. NOTE: Don't break your three day Shield yet make sure you use the Shield to the very last minute.

About This Strategy

The Barbarian Archer strategy works because the Barbarians act as a Meat Shield while the Archers fire over top.


I recommend to upgrade in this order your Archer Tower, Barracks, Cannon, Town Hall. If you do this your strongest stuff will give you an edge over other people that are attacking you.

For Everyone

This information is for any normal player! Use it for your everyday playing!

Getting Attacked

Say that you log in to clash of clans and then Attack Log Ssfangappears, well don't be afraid all your stuff will rebuild and only loot will be lost which won't be that big of a deal until higher up.


When you attack at this level it's pretty much the same thing over and over. Trying to get loot and not caring about trophies. Plus you will only be able to use Barbarians and Archers so just use the same Archer and Barbarian rush to attack people. At other levels use different strategies

Pesky Clan Castle Troops

Yes its annoying but if you make secondary plan like if for instance I attack someone with Clan Castle Troops I'll have a few Archers set aside incase of Clan Castle Troops.

About Attacking

When you attack you have to be skillful, you should have a secondary plan for clan castle Troops just incase.

Other Strategies

(these are for any Town Hall level)
I'm not going to get into detail because later in my Farming Guide and my Trophy Hunting guide I will talk more about attacking. Some major attacks that will help you are Balloon attacks, (of course!) Barbarian Archer strategy, and the Witch attack (for higher levels of course!).


One day you log in to clash of clan and click a button with an envelope on it and this appears: Defense Log Ssfang
if you click the revenge button you can attacks the person who attacked you for sweet revenge!

Looking at the Base

First though click the little green button beside the person's name and view their village to plan your attack.

Now Actually Revenge

So you've hit the revenge button the village your attacking will pop up. If you read the section above you should already have a plan so put it into action! When you revenge people you don't get your league bonus so don't attack for that.


In multiplayer battles you will lose a shield if you attack. Plan your attack strategically as you will have no idea who you will meet to battle.

Finally Attacking

Press the Next just a few more times... Yes a perfect battle! Make sure they have good loot to steal or it won't be worth it. Use you troops as strategically as you can as I said earlier. Now that you've done you raiding its time to head home. Don't be afraid somebody compeletely crushed your base, as long as your on you can't get attacked.

Back to the Village

Okay your back to your village! Now what? Well first try either you Archer Towers or you Mortars, after that depending on how many Resources you have either upgrade you Barracks or your Cannons.

Upgrading Your Town Hall

Ah just coming back from attacking... Wait a second! I can upgrade my Town Hall! If your at Town Hall level 2 go ahead, upgrade. If your say a Town Hall 8 I'll tell you about it later on


  1. Question: I'm not fully maxed out but I'm close. Do I upgrade my Town Hall? Anwser: Yes if your close to maxed out upgrade, otherwise no.
  2. Question: I just upgrade to Town Hall 2, and got enough gold Gold to upgrade. What do I do? Anwser: Chose what you think is right, do you farm or trophy hunt? If farming no if trophy hunting yes.


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