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  • I live in My Town Hall lvl 6
  • My occupation is Being a Lvl 6 Wizard in CoC
  • I am Male?
  • Stealthy2953


    June 8, 2014 by Stealthy2953

    GiWiBaArch is a strategy I invented and I use for gaining trophies. The GiWiBaArch strategy is for TH 5-6 and Silver III to Silver II. 

    It consists of: 5 giants, 10 wizards, and the rest%50 Barbarians and 50% Archers.

    The order of deployment is: First, swarm giants near a mortar. Second, spawn archers and barbarians around the edge of the base. They should take out the exterior buildings. Then deploy Wizards if necessary.  This should give you at least one star.

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  • Stealthy2953

    Hog Rider Hero

    May 25, 2014 by Stealthy2953

    This is not my idea, it is a canidate for deletion page. So I decided to save it.

    Stats: He should cost around 100k dark elixir.

    His altar is a puddle of mud.

    His ability is like the freeze spell and stops defences.

    He also spawns two hog riders when his ability is used.

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  • Stealthy2953


    May 17, 2014 by Stealthy2953


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