The G Company

   The G Company is a newly started highly active and friendly Clan. First of all my name is Steve, I'm 25 years old and am a Marine. I served 4 years in artillery in 1/10 and got out a Corporal. I Started playing about 2 years ago, I have a maxed th 8 account and a th 10 that I rushed. 
   Anyways, if you are looking for a clan to make good friends, war, or just to have fun, The G Company is the clan for you! It's open to anyone and please post anything about yourself like age, where you're from, ect..
   I do donate maxed troops, and I donate as much as you can request! I'm looking for Elders to help in managing the clan and just helping out with recruiting and things like that. 
   Again, if you're looking for a good solid clan that you want to stick with! Joking "The G Company"! You'll be glad you did!

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