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    Dark Village

    January 2, 2014 by Steve the Duck

    People are always wondering where the stairs in the Dark Barracks lead to. Here's what I think it should be:

    At Level 6, there is an option to go down the stairs, saying 'Enter the Darkness' and there you enter the Dark Village. You must be Level 150 to unlock the Level 6 Dark Barracks, and it costs 3,500,000 Elixir to upgrade it.

    Here, it is just like starting a new Village, except it has Black Rock and Black Mountains instead of Grass and Trees. Instead of the Sea, it has Lava, and the sky has a reddish tinge. The ground has cracks with red light (Lava) showing through.

    There is no Elixir or Gold, only Dark Elixir and Silver (The Dark version of Gold) All Buildings when purchased are fully upgraded, and they cost 50% less than the normal fu…

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  • Steve the Duck


    November 15, 2013 by Steve the Duck
    1. YOLO mbt
    2. SWAG tes
    3. SKUX dms
    4. LAB eot

    And for the record:

    Potatoes are skux muffin tank owl

    Prizes for whoever guesses the meanings of these words

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