People are always wondering where the stairs in the Dark Barracks lead to. Here's what I think it should be:

At Level 6, there is an option to go down the stairs, saying 'Enter the Darkness' and there you enter the Dark Village. You must be Level 150 to unlock the Level 6 Dark Barracks, and it costs 3,500,000 Elixir to upgrade it.


Here, it is just like starting a new Village, except it has Black Rock and Black Mountains instead of Grass and Trees. Instead of the Sea, it has Lava, and the sky has a reddish tinge. The ground has cracks with red light (Lava) showing through.


There is no Elixir or Gold, only Dark Elixir and Silver (The Dark version of Gold) All Buildings when purchased are fully upgraded, and they cost 50% less than the normal fully-upgraded price(Of course you must purchase them with Silver and Dark Elixir). You can only have Dark Barracks, Dark Elixir Drills, Dark Elixir Storages, Silver mines and Silver Storages, no Elixir and Gold buildings. The Dark Barracks will now have stairs pointing up, with green and blue light coming from it. It will have a rack with different weapons on the side.


Instead of a regular Spell Factory, there is a Dark spell factory that can be upgraded to Level 10 (5 new Spells), and the Spells cost 80% less, but are made with Dark Elixir. You use Silver to upgrade it.


You will not unlock any new Dark Troops, as you have got the new Hero, and the new Village. There is only one Hero, The Sorcerer. It is like the Witch, except it raises Zombie warriors, that have different chances of being certain troops:

  • Zombie Barbarian: 40%
  • Zombie Archer: 20%
  • Zombie Goblin: 25%
  • Zombie Giant: 10%
  • Zombie Wizard: 4%
  • Zombie PEKKA: 1%

It will cost 75,000 Dark Elixir to create, and it can upgrade to Level 10. The Level it is corresponds to the amount of Zombie-Warriors it can summon on the battlefield at one time. This will be the only chance to use normal(ish) troops in the Dark Village. They will have 25% less health and 10% more damage. There can only be a maximum of 10 Zombie-Warriors on the battlefield at the same time. You will still be able to train Dark Troops in the Dark Barracks.


Now there will be an option in the Dark Barracks saying: Return to the Overworld. You will be able to switch between Villages whenever you want. When attacking from the Regular Village, you will have all the troops you have trained in the 'Overworld', whereas when you attack from the Dark Village, you will have all the troops(And possibly Sorcerer) you have trained in the Dark Village.


The Laboratory is the only building(Aside from the Elixir and Gold buildings) you will not be able to get in the Dark Village, as you can upgrade all Dark Elixir troops in the Overworld. However, you will need to get a Level 9 Laboratory to upgrade the new Spells, and a Level 10 to further upgrade them, as well as the Level 3 and 4 Witch, Level 5 PEKKA, Valkyrie, and Healer.

THANKS FOR READING Hope you like my idea, please comment for further ideas, especially the Level 7 Dark Barracks.

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