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  • I live in Singapore, Singapore
  • I was born on June 17
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  • I am a peashooter
  • SugarPenguin12

    Hi guys!

    I just saw the new COC update in the App Store and updated. It was just out a few minutes ago, because before that the servers were under maintanence.

    First of all, the old loading screen is back, after a spooky Halloween theme. Alright, so right now I'm looking at the Bomb Level 2 upgrade. It's damage is 12+4, Re-arm cost is 400+100 (500). Once my Gold Storage is done in a few minutes, I'm going to upgrade it.

    The Pumpkin Bomb does not look like it can be updated as it is a exclusive item. As of now, they have been removed from the store.

    Sadly, for the Seeking Air Mines, Giant Bombs and others, I will allow higher level Town Hall players to post images in the comments, and I will post them below.

    All the best, and I hope you like thiā€¦

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