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    Hello, this is a tutorial for farming, raiding, and bases you can use.

    Bases are easy to understand because you can do ANY base you want.

    Here are easy bases:

    A easy base to make, you make a compartment with a town hall, then a second compartment with 65% of your defenses to defend the town hall. Also add mines/pumps (Choose) in your second compartment for saving resources. Add a third compartment for gold/elixir (Again, Choose) Storages. This is useful for level 3-6 town hall before dark elixir. Not useful for 2 and 1 town hall because you don't have enough walls to make three compartments.

    Useful for 4 and 5 level town hall, this base has a  + shaped compartment for your town hall. Then make a square with …

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