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Hello, this is a tutorial for farming, raiding, and bases you can use.


Bases are easy to understand because you can do ANY base you want.

Here are easy bases:

Compartment base

A easy base to make, you make a compartment with a town hall, then a second compartment with 65% of your defenses to defend the town hall. Also add mines/pumps (Choose) in your second compartment for saving resources. Add a third compartment for gold/elixir (Again, Choose) Storages. This is useful for level 3-6 town hall before dark elixir. Not useful for 2 and 1 town hall because you don't have enough walls to make three compartments.

Pocket base

Useful for 4 and 5 level town hall, this base has a  + shaped compartment for your town hall. Then make a square with walls for everything else. Mostly level 17-29 people use it.

Cube base (aka Poor Base)

For town halls level 1-3, you make a square with walls and fit everything. This is for noobs who have 25-50 walls or no walls at all!


Raiding is easy. You deploy troops to wreak havok on villages, steal loot, and win trophies, but you know, some troops have weaknesses:


Healer-Air Defence

Goblin & Archer-Wizard Tower & Mortar

Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins-Hidden Tesla

Types of Raiding

"Berxing" Raid


8 Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins's

1 Healer

Deploy 2 Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins's on each side. Wait til all air defences are destroyed. Then deploy the healer. The healer will heal the Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins's.

Ancient Attack

20 Archers

10 Dragons

Deploy Archers all around. Then deploy half of the dragons. After 50%, deploy the rest of the dragons.



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