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Barbarian King:

Costs: 10,000 Dark Elixir

Base Stats:

Power-Up: Iron Fist: Boosts Damage, Speed, and Recovers Health. Barbarians become enthralled with Rage Spell.

Unit Spawn: 6 - 18 Barbarians

Archer Queen:

Costs: 40,000 Dark Elixir

Base Stats:

Power-Up: Royal Cloak: Boosts Ability (Damage Increase), Damage, and Recovers Health

Unit Spawn: 5 - 15 Archers

Goblin Champion:

Costs: 80,000 Dark Elixir

Base Stats: 

Power-Up: Horde Rally: Boosts Speed, Damage, and Recovers Health. Goblins are enthralled with Jump Spell. Goblin Champion (GC) is enthralled with Jump Spell.

Unit Spawn: 7 - 14 Goblins

Giant Lord:

Costs: 100,000 Dark Elixir

Base Stats: 

Power-Up: Mountain Drum: Boosts Damage, and Recovers Health. Giants are enthralled with Healing Spell. Giant Lord (GL) is enthralled with Healing Spell.

Unit Spawn: 3 - 6

Wizard GrandMaster:

Costs: 150,000 Dark Elixir

Base Stats:

Power-Up: Call of Elements: Boosts Speed, Damage, Attack Speed, Recovers Health, and the WGM gives the attacker one small Freeze Spell, which is simply the smaller version of a Freeze Spell. At this time the WGM uses Frost as his weapon.

Unit Spawn: 4 - 8 Wizards

Dragon Mother:

Costs: 200,000 Dark Elixir

Base Stats:

Power-Up: Dragon Fury: All Dragons surrounding the Dragon Mother group to her and follow whatever building she targets. The surrounding Dragons also receive an enthrallment of a minor Rage Spell. The DM also benefits from the Rage Spell. She increases her Health, Damage, and Speed.

Unit Spawn: 1 - 2 Dragons

Rules on Heroes:

Due to the fact that there will be a bounty of Heroes you could use to overthrow an opponent, a rule will be implemented that will only allow the attacker to place 2 heroes on the battle field.

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