What is Farming?

Farming can have multiple meanings. One can be farming for trophies or more commonly, farming for resources to fund upgrades. If you're looking for information about trophy farming read this article. Resource farming is very common in clash of clans and sometimes is an essential strategy to building a strong base. As you progress through the Town Hall levels (TH) the upgrades become quite costly and would take many days to pump or mine the upgrade amount. Farming helps you keep the loot longer without losing as much in raids. There are a few main concepts when it comes to farming:

1. Putting yourself into a trophy league below what you could otherwise achieve.

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This is an important part of farming. If you are always trying to get trophies, you are not resource farming. Consider you have 10 successful raids and now you are in a league where the people you are trying to attack are too strong. To solve this you will lose a few raids and be placed in a lower division. Farming uses this concept except the bases they are supposed to attack are not too hard for them. If you are trying to save up 3 million gold to build an x-bow but you get raided for 300k every time you lose your shield, then it may take awhile. If you drop down a few hundred trophies it's likely that people who find your base in matchmaking cant 100% your base and your storages are safer. The trophy range you choose to be in is up to you and there are many different opinions on the matter. Generally, a few hudred trophies below what you are able to achieve is a safe bet. If your storages are getting raided and nobody is taking your TH, consider dropping lower.

2. Placing your TownHall on the outside of your base, near the edge, undefended

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The point of doing this is hoping a weaker player who is looking for trophies will take your town hall and then end battle. If this happens then you lose 1,000 gold and elixir and a few trophies. Since you have placed yourself in a league well below what you're capable of, winning those few trophies back is relatively easy. Since you have a 12 hour shield now, strong attackers looking to raid your storages can no longer find your base in matchmaking for 12 hours. If your town hall was protected even slightly the TH sniper may hit next and not give you a shield. Then a strong player will find your base and use high level troops to completely raid your storages.

You can easily spot a "farmer" when you are searching for raids. They are usually are much stronger than the other bases your are getting paired up with to raid. Some Clashers will drop trophies to find farmers and loot their full storages. This is essentially why farmers place their townhalls near the edges, undefended. They want you to take their townhall, because they know you may not be strong enough to raid their storages. You are strong enough however, to give them a 12 hour shield without loosing hundreds of thousands in loot.

3. Understanding Loot Penalty

In clash of clans you get to choose which league you compete in. To make this more fair for all involved Clash of Clans has a loot penalty. This prevents very strong players from attacking very weak players, sometimes. For instance, If a TH9 attacks a TH7 there is considerably less loot avaiable to raid than if the attacker was a TH7. (about 50%) When choosing to upgrade your TH, consider where you like to FARM, if you like to FARM in GOLD 3 there are a lot of TH7s in gold 3 and if you are a TH9 then the amount of loot available will be much lower if you are attacking a TH7 as a TH9. It is very important to understand loot penalty before upgrading your TH or starting to Farm. If you drop too low you may not be able to raid for much resources. If you do drop too low though, it should be very easy to win a few raids and get those trophies back.

4. Raiding for profit

If you are trying to save up your loot it is important to raid for profit. This means after the raid is over you have more elixr and gold then when you started raiding. The more profit you have the better the raid. This seems obvious but Farmers take this to the extreme. Generally, farmers will only use Tier1 troops to raid because of their low elixir cost and short training time. Usually, farmers raid multiple times in an hour. Although, the actual combination of troops is often debated; archers, goblins and barbarians are the most popular. A good farming raid will yeild 100-200k in gold and elixir and cost less than 70k elixir to train.

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Most farming guides advise attacking bases that are inactive. Signs that a base is inactive are full elixir pumps, non-loaded xbows, tombstones etc. These usually indicate the bombs and traps have not been re-armed and likely there are no clan castle troops as well. Most of the loot is in the gold mines and elixir pumps during these raids so don't bother trying to get to their storages. Also, achieving 50% destruction is the goal so you don't lose too many trophies. 100% is not important as it would waste troops you that you would have to retrain before you could raid again.

5. When to farm

Choosing when to start farming resources is up to you. Some players hold on to their trophies tightly and move up the ranks as quickly as possible. Others choose to drop trophies on purpose so their gold and elixir storages are more safe. If you are trying to save up large amounts of resources but find yourself constantly getting raided for the loot cap, it might be time to give farming a try!

There are many great Farming strategies on the Clash wiki and here are a few examples.

Casklord's Farming Guide

Roronoa's Strategy Guides/Efficient Gold Farming

You can find more information all over the Clash wiki and other sites as well. Please comment to add your own farming strategies!

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