I really liked the Clan Village suggestion. Maybe it could be something like this:


The clan village will have resource collectors (gold, elixer, dark elixer), resource storages, town hall (with possible a different name, defences and army camps.

The clan village will have more defences, resource buildings and army camps compared to a normal village.

There will be a new button on the clan page that takes all members to the clan village.

Some status of the clan village will be displayed on the clan stats. (TH level, Troops in army camps, Resources)


The clan village basically operates like a normal village (defends against attacks, collect resources), however the resources from the collectors will only be transferred to the storages when a member 'collects' the resource.

All members except for those 'new' members are allowed to take/contribute resources from the storages. Amount that could be taken varies with role/leaders' agreement.

The amount that each player takes or gives will be shown in the player stats and clan info with red and green numbers.

If a player requests a large amount of resource, they will need the agreement of multiple coleaders/leader. A new chat interface would be awesome.

Army Camps

All members of the clan are allowed to donate troops to the clan village's army camps and coleaders/leader are allowed to remove unwanted troops.

All members except for those with 'new' under their names are allowed to choose the troops they want from the army camps and 'bring' them to their clan castles.


The leader and coleaders of the clan are allowed to use the troops from the army camp to attack other clan villages. The resource stolen would be kept in the clan storages. Surviving troops will return to the army camps of the clan villages.

Players with heros have the ability to 'donate' their heros to the clan village for defence and for the coleaders/leader to use in clan village attacking.

Maybe attacking clan villages would be part of the Clan War.


The buildings on the clan village can only be upgraded by coleaders/leader with the resource from the clan village. Upgrading will be significantly more expensive.

There will be an edit mode just like normal villages for the clan village, however only coleaders/leader are allowed to edit the village. Only the leader is able to select/edit the active village.

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